Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another lease on life

Into my mailbox a few weeks ago came an enquiry from our landlord.... did we wish to extend our lease another year? The new start date will be August 1st, which happens to be my 60th birthday.

There's not much mileage conversationally in angst-ing over aging, I find. It's irrelevant to the young and gets no sympathy from people further down the path. But I can write it in my own blog for Pete's sake can't I?!  I'm approaching this milestone with a mixture of shock (looking in the mirror) and awe (not having expected to get this far, coming from a very dodgy gene pool) and the predictable resolve to live a healthier life, be a nicer person etc etc while covertly reaching for a wine glass. Nothing new here.

So YES, we do want to extend our lease thank you, and I took a walk around in the sunshine to think about things and be grateful for the approach of both another decade and another year here.