Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RIP Nora Ephron

Only 71.... way too young.

Funny, insightful, lovely mentor. A woman's woman. We feel we have lost a friend although we never met you.

Tributes abound today, I liked you talking about turning to carbohydrates in a big way.... " I don't think 20 years ahead, I only think about today. Today I have already gone to a bakery. If you get knocked down by a bus, you don't want your last thought to be...I wish I'd had that doughnut!... I'm coming down on the side of the doughnut"

I think about you when I look in the mirror and feel bad about my neck :) Thanks for making it all seem  so much more fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studio time

I am part of a group called Studio 155. We exhibit together as often as possible and every Friday we get together to work in a shared studio space in Rockville, Md. We met through the Corcoran School Of Art in Washington DC, studying Botanical Art. Several people were already established artists but some were beginners, drawn by an article in the Washington Post about the certificate program and a great review of an exhibition of contemporary botanical art at the Smithsonian in DC. Like minded, lovely people were drawn together to draw! We had a further bonding experience when we were invited to participate in a major exhibition at the Corcoran Museum, depicting plants recorded by Lewis and Clark. We traveled to Orofino, Idaho, accompanied by the botanist Dr James Reveal, to find the exact plants, photograph, draw and paint them. Since then we have continued to support and encourage each other's work in a positive, non competitive way I have not encountered anywhere else. We value our alliance very highly!