Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flatiron in my back yard

For a long time now I've been plotting and scheming a move to NYC and here we are.... doing it. David shifted his work base from the northern VA suburbs of Washington DC to the Manhattan office and we rented an apartment in the Flatiron district. As easy as that?! Well no, actually behind the scenes  it's a logistical nightmare, fraught with angst, second guessing and profound exhaustion. But on the whole it's exactly what I interesting diversion from the "aging in place" scenario (aging somewhere completely different) and a 5 year fling before retirement. So when I'm pounding the concrete walking 5 blocks and back in the searing heat just to buy a light bulb from Home Depot, thinking "who's big idea was THIS?" I have only myself to blame.

We chose the Flatiron district for several reasons, it's busy and touristy but it's within walking distance (for hikers such as ourselves) of the office and all our favorite downtown haunts. There's good food and coffee on hand. Plus you can see sky, there's a lovely little city park with music and art events happening and of course there's that omnipresent, iconic Flatiron building overseeing it all.

Here she is in the early morning before the crowds converge. Isn't she beautiful? I have always been vaguely interested in this building but now I have a distinct feeling of falling in love. So elegant and skinny, such stunning architecture just outside my front door. This is where I drink my morning coffee from now on, in the company of a typical city mix of the prosperous and the homeless, the energized and the jaded.

 Madison Square Park 

 Falun Gong, apparently.

I'm always impressed by the dedication required to lug a piano to a park.  

We've gone from this.....

to this.....

Home Sweet Home! 


  1. Oh, Jill, I am so happy for you. Your photos are wonderful. Greenery and great architecture. It really looks like a wonderful place to live. There is a place in this country girl's heart for just such a place. The Flatiron District in my heart... :) Have fun!

    1. Too many potential lives to be led, aren't there? Too darn short a life. Your current home looks absolutely beautiful and I would give anything to live in Santa Fe...... :)

  2. I, too, am happy for you...and ever so slightly envious. I am sure it will be a wonderful district to live in. The Flatiron building itself is such an iconic building, and the ability for bits of Manhattan to retain a small community feel always amazes me. Good luck with it all. Jx

    1. Thanks, Janice. You see buildings that sort of shape in northern England more frequently don't you? It reminds us of Brafdord! We looked round a tiny one for sale right at the bottom of the Buttress a couple of weeks ago. All the rooms were odd triangular shapes. You have to go quite a way up the steep cobbles just to get to the only door, then the access to the garden is a gate even higher up. Must be treacherous in winter. I'm so sorry we missed seeing you, had to reschedule everything because of the move. Hopefully next year!

  3. So excited to be coming to stay. It looks sooooo nice :) I hope that piano man is in the park when I come