Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Measuring out life by coffee cups

Future exhibits
  • I read about Gwyneth Leech's installation in the Prow gallery at the skinny end of the Flatiron building, "Hypergraphia, paper cup drawings", and was able to see it just before it came down as we had planned a short trip to NY. She's collected and decorated paper cups for years and there are over 800 suspended in the space. Such a simple idea but they looked jewel-like behind the glass. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chihuly installation at the Delaware Art Museum

We went to the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington recently with some friends from my art group, Studio 155, for the opening day of our latest show, "Beyond Words, the symbolic meaning of plants". It's a beautiful modern building in an old, peaceful part of town with a permanent collection of Pre-Raphaelites and a sculpture garden and labyrinth outside.
These Chihuly's were stunning. There were far more than I photographed so I'm looking forward to seeing them again in March when we go back for our reception. Hopefully there'll be some strong sunlight!

We were all really pleased with our own show, it looked great and we've had good reviews.

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